[Version] 1.79b

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[Version] 1.79b

Mensagem  WoW.Narg em 14/5/2011, 17:43

V 1.79b

PS: I forgot to change it's name, so its still named as version 1.79.

Links bellow
Hive: Soon
Epic: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/rate/171375/d2580f6e70879325dfb95ca599578c7f6bb4d9794dcee863/5/

- Heroes



Fire Astral's Regen decreased from 4 -> 3

Lightning Lord


Eletric Storm
Casting time increased from 2 -> 3
Cooldown increased from 60 -> 80/70/60

- Items

Boots of Teleport
Teleporting Delay increased from 2 -> 3

Scroll of Town Portal
Teleporting Delay increased from 2 -> 3

Cerberus Claw
Will not be dropped when carrier dies.

- Misc

Kitters now have a gray name.
Kitter's gold will be now given to players

Fixed a bug with the Yellow Player

Night Elf's creep towers will no longer attack.
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Marilyn Manson

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